Our local Halibut - light, white flaky and very mild. A classic with just a little butter, capers and lemon make this fish an elegant and well received choice.

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This Salmon is soon to become your favorite! Known for its incredibly vibrant red flesh, this fish is lower in fat than its other Salmon friends. However, it still has all the same healthy Omega-3s. This fish can stand up great on the grill! Serve with your favorite roasted, in-season, vegetables for a quick weeknight [...]


We offer Scottish Salmon for its buttery, full flavor that makes it a wonderful choice for a sashimi lunch or a grilled filet. You will love this rich, satisfying fish.


Our sushi grade Ahi tuna is rich, and flavor filled with a satisfying steak-y bite. Whether you choose to sear it lightly or just slice it and serve, it’s an awesome choice for sushi night!