16oz Poke Bowl, amazing Ahi Tuna, mixed with soy sauce, sesame oil, green onion, and sesame seeds. Perfect balance of fresh flavors!


Our fantastically fresh Ceviche is hand chopped, and made with our own super fresh, local caught HALIBUT!  We prepare our Ceviche with the freshest ingredients right at the Farmers Market. It simply cannot get any fresher. We make a few types…. make a note in your order what you prefer.16 oz.   Fish with Cucumber [...]



These Jumbo Dry Scallops have no chemicals, no water added. The taste is phenomenal, super rich and a great indulgence! There are about 8 in a pound. Tip: If you want to sear them, try sprinkling each side with a tiny bit of sugar. You won’t taste it, and it makes them brown up beautifully!